Christmas Gift Ideas – 0 to 6 months

Christmas gifts for baby 0 to 6 months

1. Potato Feet Moccs – we received a pair of Minnetonka moccasins for Liam’s baby shower, but they just didn’t fit his chubby little feet. I am obsessed with babies in moccasins and just ordered him a pair of these lovelies. So cute!

2. Project Pomona Jeans – these jeans are made for cloth diapered bums! I would love to try them on our little man – I LOVE the color of the Little Sport Eco Fit jeans.

3. Chevron Storage Basket – we have a similar basket in Liam’s room, and LOVE it! It is the perfect place for all of his loveys, teething toys, board books, etc. You can fit so much in these things, and it helps keep his nursery organized. I think everyone should have one (or two) – I love the new chevron patterns!

4. Bright Starts Grab and Stack Blocks – Liam is starting to grab his toys, and I think these blocks would be perfect for him to stack, knock over, and of course chew on (right now his hands are his current favorite)!

5. Snuggle Puppy by Sandra Boynton – I am obsessed with Sandra Boynton board books!!! We received the Belly Button Book from a friend and it is my favorite book to read to Liam – it is creative and comical. I would say it’s both of our favorites, and I would love to get more of her books to add to our collection!

6. In my family we’ve always had the tradition of receiving a new Christmas ornament every year, so I want to continue that tradition with Liam. This year I picked out a little froggy ornament made by a women’s cooperative in Kyrgyzstan to remind me of his favorite thing to do at this age – jumping and bouncing! There are some other adorable felted ornaments made by the same group of women here. I also love the Narwhal ornament – brings back memories of watching Rudolph with my sister!

So tell me, what is on your Christmas wish list for baby? This mama could always use more ideas! 😉

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