Quick Kiddo Update

I had some time to sit down tonight and wanted to share an update with you all. Life with kids in undeniably busy! I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve shared something in this space and often lose track of the last time I’ve washed my hair! Haha

Liam and Nyah both recently celebrated birthdays – Liam turned 4 in August and started Pre-K last month. The picture above is his first school photo, and I am in love! He is loving making new friends and learning in a new environment. It was a pretty smooth transition, and his school is amazing. It’s hard to believe he’ll be starting Kindergarten next school year!

pumpkin patch

We’ll be celebrating Halloween soon, and Liam has a full agenda of Halloween parties/fall festivals that we’ll be going to! Liam is dressing up as a backhoe (construction vehicle) and Nyah is going to be Snow White. I’ll be sure to post some photos on Instagram @krawllbaby, so you’ll have to check them out there.

skater girl

Nyah turned 2 in September, and is full-on running now and talking in sentences. She can repeat anything you say, and sings along to the songs I sing them to sleep. Her favorite song to sing is “Happy Birthday” – she sings it to everything…Minnie, rice and bean burritos, the moon…it’s so cute! She is our independent little girl! She is learning to scooter like big brother, and trying to dress herself already at just two years old. She loves all things Minnie Mouse, BABIES, and Choo Choo trains – especially Thomas the Train. She also recently graduated to a big girl bed; she and Liam now have a bunk bed in their room, and much of our time at home right now consists of them playing in it together.

Our weeks are kept busy with soccer on Saturdays, music class, school, play dates, and swimming a couple of times a week. The kids are both doing amazing with their swimming right now – Liam has even started going snorkeling in the bay with Daddy in the last couple of months.

We are still reading a lot – Liam is currently really into mystery stories. He loves the A to Z Mysteries chapter book series, and still enjoys the Magic Treehouse, but we’ve already read almost all of them. If you have any ideas for other chapter books our little guy might enjoy I would love to hear them – they are still pretty new to us, so we haven’t tried a lot of different series yet. Nyah enjoys reading Dora the Explorer, Thomas the Train books, Fly Guy, and princess stories – she likes Cinderella the best.

We will be traveling to spend time with family in the next few weeks, so we are all looking forward to that. I’m hoping to get a chance to share some of those memories here as well. I’ve missed you all! xo

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