Seattle Gem: The Burke Museum


seattle gem the burke museum

The Burke is a two story, small museum. It explores the geological and cultural history of the pacific north west. We were intrigued to check out the mammoth tusk that has been recently recovered from a construction site at south lake union. There was so much more to this museum. The culture of the area is evident in the beautiful totem poles an colorful carvings. Just amazing.

The museum is set up to entertain and educate both young and old. This was our first time visiting. We were able to get free passes to the museum through the Seattle library system. We spent about an hour and a half to go through and absorb and discuss the museum. It was fun, well worth the trip and the usual admission price of $10 or you can attend the museum on the first Thursday of the month and enjoy free admission and later hours.


The Burke is a Seattle Gem!


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