Pregnancy Notes: 20 Weeks

Well we had our 20 week ultrasound yesterday, and the Doctor said everything looked really good. We are still on target for our August 19th due date, and baby is growing as expected!

PicMonkey Collage-BABYK

We got to see baby’s little hands and feet (which looked big compared to everything else we were seeing, so that leads me to my suspicion that it’s a boy!). Only time will tell. . . we are officially half way there now! 20 weeks down, only 20 more to go!


We’ve been working more on names, and I think we’ve nailed down our boy name. Girls names seem to be harder for us – we have lots of names that we like, but there are a couple at the top of our list.

Baby Krawll is:

  • The size of a BANANA
  • About 10.2 oz
  • And has working taste buds

pickles, clam chowder, peanut butter, and FRUIT (apples & clementines are still my favorite)

The BEST thing about pregnancy this week:
SEEING baby! I had been looking forward to our 20 week ultrasound for so long, and it feels great to know that everything is looking good. The ultrasound tech also said our baby is quite photogenic (which is to be expected from such photogenic parents)! haha

What I’m reading:
We watched an episode of More Business of Being Born on Netflix a couple of nights ago, to continue educating ourselves about birth. It is encouraging to see other women have successful natural births, and that is our goal, however I plan to deliver at the hospital. I am a little worried about the interventions that seem to occur all too easily in the hospital, so I am wanting to prepare for that more. I just ordered the book Natural Hospital Birth: The Best of Both Worlds by Cynthia Gabriel and plan on reading that as soon as possible. I’m hoping that it’s helpful.

We’re off to Ciro’s tonight to celebrate our healthy babe with some pizza & beer (for the hubs of course!) We’d love to hear your gender predictions and name suggestions, so leave us a comment!


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