Book Review: The No-Cry Sleep Solution

Baby Sleep Training

The No-Cry Sleep Solution

Today I wanted to share a book review with you on baby sleep training. Hubby and I have been reading up on all kinds of baby info before our little one arrives, and I have to say that so far I feel like this book, The No-Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley, has been the most helpful!

Many of our friends have had babies within the last year or so, and I know many of their biggest trials have been related to sleep (or lack there of). A couple of them have dealt with feelings of guilt regarding use of the “cry it out” method, so I wanted to educate myself on some alternative baby sleep training options. After reading this book I truly feel there may be something else that works… As you know, our baby doesn’t arrive until August, so I haven’t actually used the tips in this book yet (I will definitely write an update once we do), but I wanted to share this sleep training book with you in case there are any moms out there looking for an alternative to the commonly used “cry it out” method.

I think the single most important thing I learned from Elizabeth Pantley’s baby sleep training book was how important it is for baby to have a sleep schedule or a ritual that you do every night and for every nap. This ritual may be different for every family, but it is this gentle soothing routine that baby learns to anticipate, makes baby feel safe, and will help baby sleep through the night.

A routine for the hour before bedtime is crucial in cueing and preparing your baby for sleep. Your routine should be done in rooms with dim lights. Your last step should end in the quiet, dark bedroom with little talking and your usual go-to sleep technique.


A sample bedtime routine would look like this:
1.     7:00pm – Bath
2.    Massage with baby lotion
3.    Put on pajamas
4.    Read three books
5.    Lights out
6.    Sing lullaby
7.    Breastfeed or bottle-feed
8.    Rub back
9.    Sleep

I feel that The No-Cry Sleep Solution focuses on understanding why baby is waking and works on fixing problems with routines, new associations, and gradual changes in patterns. There are many different ideas and tips that you can incorporate into your own parenting style – a something for everyone approach.

I’m thankful to have found and read this baby sleep training book before our little one arrives. I’m hoping that starting some of these routines from the very beginning will help our baby (and mom & dad) sleep better! It’s definitely worth the read!

What sleep training methods have worked for you and your baby? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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