Best Books for Toddlers : 20 Books Your Toddler Will Love

Now that our little book worm is almost 2 1/2 years old, I wanted to share some of the best books for toddlers that are on repeat in this house. Most of these we’ve found on our weekly trip to the library, and went on to purchase because Liam loved them so much. I hope you find some new books that your toddler will love as well!

best books for toddlers

1. Anything Curious George! We have two different boxed sets, this one and this one, and these are a go-to in our house! Liam LOVES reading them, and putting himself in the stories with George. If you’re looking to add just a couple to your library, Liam can’t get enough of Curious George and the Hot Air Balloon, Curious George and the Puppies, Curious George Gets a Medal, and Curious George Flies a Kite.

2. Mother Bruce I found this gem at the library, and it’s a favorite of both Collin and I. It’s cute and humorous for adults as well!

3. The Kissing Hand A perfect story for Valentine’s Day and little ones going away from Mom or Dad for the first time. A sweet reminder that we are always with our little ones even when we have to be apart.

4. Where the Wild Things Are A classic that Liam loved just as much as I used to as a child.

5. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie All of these books are fun, but this one is a favorite that we’ve checked out from the library many times.

6. Demolition This book was the start of our boys obsession with excavators and all things construction!

7. Toy Boat A beautiful story with beautiful illustrations. A daily read for quite a while, and one of Daddy’s favorites.

8. Olivia We love Olivia! Another favorite is Olivia forms a Band.

9. Little Blue Truck We have all of the Little Blue Truck books – including the holiday ones, and I love that they each teach an important life lesson.

10. Pouch!

11. Skippyjon Jones This book is hilarious. You need it! Best read with a really cheesy Spanish accent.

12. Scare a Bear This was a gift from Liam’s Gigi for his first birthday, and he still loves it!

13. Silly Tilly A funny and endearing story about friendships and loving our friends just the way they are.

14. Wherever You Are My Love Will Find You – We’ve actually loved all of the books we’ve gotten by Nancy Tillman. Some of Liam’s other favorites are On the Night You Were Born, The Crown on Your Head, and You’re Here for a Reason.

15. Guess How Much I Love You

16. Kittens First Full Moon

17. Pat-a-Cake Baby I don’t know what it is about this book, but Liam was obsessed with it for quite a while.

18. Caye Boy Collin lived & worked in the Caymans for a while, so this one is special to us, but a very cute story as well. We love that Hermes the hermit crab is hidden somewhere on every page.

19. Painting Pepette

20. Bear’s New Friend and the other Bear books by Karma Wilson.

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