Nyah’s Birth Story

We’ve survived 5 weeks with baby #2! It has been a total whirlwind, and I wanted to be sure to write down her birth story!

nyah's birth story

Nyah surprised us by arriving almost 2 weeks early, on September 20th. I was really nervous leading up to my due date, about the birth, and whether I would be able to have a natural birth the second time around like I did with Liam (check out Liam’s birth story here). The hubs and I brushed up on birthing positions and breathing techniques by going over the notes from the class we took during our first pregnancy.

The morning Nyah was born I noticed I was “leaking” a little more than usual, but hadn’t noticed any contractions at all. Collin, Liam and I went out to lunch at The Backyard to celebrate Collin signing up a big advertising client with AdPlugg. Then I took Liam to swim lessons in the afternoon. I was reading stories with Liam and started to feel some light cramping after we got home. I asked Collin to play with him so I could take a shower; they became stronger while I was in the shower, but it wasn’t until 5:30 when I noticed the contractions were getting closer together and I was having a hard time getting through them on my own.

Collin was playing with Liam in the living room and I was in our room trying to figure out how to deal. I felt kind of disoriented, and couldn’t seem to wrap my head around the idea of even timing how close my contractions were. Around 6:15pm I texted our friend Nicole to come over and possibly watch Liam so Collin could help me, but little did we know in the short time it took them to get there, we really needed them to come so we could jump in the car and run to the hospital!

Our friends were at dinner and abandoned their margaritas (they are REALLY good friends), and headed over right away. They threw our things in the car, and we headed to the hospital. We probably arrived a little after 7:00pm. The ride there was definitely hard – it was raining, there was traffic, and I could tell that I was going through transition on the way there. We needed to get there fast! Once we arrived, they wheeled me upstairs to admitting and the nurses got us in a delivery room right away. They checked me and I was already at 9.5cm! They told me not to push until the Dr. arrived, so we waited a couple of minutes and then I was able to start pushing.

Nyah Rose Krawll was born 12 minutes after we were checked into the delivery room, and before they even admitted me to the hospital! Whew, that was a close one! They weren’t kidding when they said the second baby comes faster! She was born at 7:37pm, 8lbs 4oz and 21″ long.

It was such an amazing feeling when they lifted her onto my chest and Collin said it was a girl! I couldn’t believe it. She was a little blue when she came out and had some bruising because her shoulder got stuck on the way out, so they had the NICU team come in to check on her for a few minutes. After that they moved us to the recovery room. Collin’s mom flew in to watch Liam late that night, so she was able to meet Nyah around midnight.

liam and nyah

We spent one night in the hospital, and I felt so much better this time around. The next morning Liam came to the hospital with Susu to meet his baby sister. He was SO excited and sweet!

Nyah has been doing well with eating, and gained about 2lbs in her first two weeks just like her brother. She slept great and hardly cried from the very beginning. Once we hit the 4-5 week mark, it became a lot harder! She woke up to the world and has been struggling with daytime sleep. I’ll have to write more about that in another blog once we figure out what works for her, but we are all surviving – with lots of coffee, wine, hugs, and help from Daddy!


Thank you all so much for your congratulations and encouragement over the last couple of weeks! We feel incredibly blessed and are so excited to be a family of four!


Ashleigh, Collin, Liam, & Baby Nyah

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