Little Misfits + Liam Thomas – 11 Months Old

11 months old

Wow! 11 months, how did that happen?! This past month has really flown by! We’ve been so busy, I haven’t gotten Liam’s 11 month update up yet, and he’ll be ONE in less than two weeks! Ahhh!

We just returned from a trip to Anguilla with the hub’s family. We had such a relaxing and enjoyable time laying on the beach and playing in the waves. Liam enjoyed some freedom crawling around on the beach and getting in and out and in and out of the pool. It was also his first time meeting his cousin AJ, and he thinks he’s pretty cool! I really love seeing him enjoy spending time with family – the kids all had so much fun and it was really nice to have some extra hands and entertainment to keep him busy.

We’re excited that Susu & Poppy, and Grandma & Grandpa will be joining us in San Diego in a short while to help celebrate this big boy’s birthday! We’re planning a Brown Bear, Brown Bear birthday party at the park. I’ll share more details next month!

Liam is eating more and more food every day. He loves fruit, and his favorite right now is bananas and watermelon. He eats a banana on our walk every morning! We just recently introduced oatmeal as well, so we’ve had oatmeal with bananas and blueberries for breakfast the past couple of days. For lunch and dinner he usually eats veggies – peas, corn and edamame are some of his favorites. He also had sushi for the first time last night – Liam ate a California roll and loved it! So far he isn’t a fan of tomatoes, but we’ll keep trying, because mama loves them!

He is still enjoying reading books, we brought 12 books with us on the flight to Anguilla and they definitely helped keep him entertained. He had a lot of fun with the lift-the-flap books by Karen Katz. We brought Where Is Baby’s Puppy? and Zoom, Zoom, Baby! with us. We also brought some new toys that he hadn’t played with before like a crawling caterpillar and a little walking dog. They were hits with his 2 year old cousin Abby as well.


  • He is still wearing size 18m-2T clothes and size 5 shoes
  • He currently has 4 teeth, with 2 more about to pop through any day now
  • His new favorite word is Mama! (Finally, mama gets some attention too!) haha
  • He weighs 26lbs, and we’ll get a height at his 1 year appointment in a few weeks

little misfits

The shirt in the photo above is from a company called Little Misfits that I actually found on Instagram @LittleMisfits_CA. I fell in love with their brand, and they have some super cute kid’s tees! Dionne started Little Misfits back in 2009 from her basement with zero stock, no website, and only $100 to spend. She is an inspiration, and I am so happy to share her story, and her rad kids clothes with you!


cute kids tees

She also created the Misfits for a Cause line, where 100% of the proceeds are donated to a new charity each month. For June 2015 they teamed up with the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation to send children from low-income families to Summer camp.

There are so many fun designs, and the tees make cool baby shower gifts for kids with tattooed parents – you can add tattoo sleeves to any onesie or tee. I was tempted, but didn’t think it was the best idea for something he’d be wearing this summer. We’ll have to get another one with tattoo sleeves he can wear this fall/winter.

The clothes from Little Misfits are fashionable and high quality. Plus, Liam thinks his tee is super cool because it has a guitar on it! We got Liam’s shirt in a 2T and he should be able to wear it for quite a while – then we’ll save it for the next one!

More things Liam loves this month…

  • Walking – Liam is taking several steps on his own, but tends to get nervous and sit back down. My favorite moment happened just yesterday, when we were playing on the floor and Dada came home and was walking into the other room, Liam just stood up and took off after him. It was so sweet!
  • The Zoo – He loves walking around the zoo looking at all the animals. His recent favorites have been the meerkats and echidnas (like a porcupine) at the St. Louis Zoo. We went with his Susu and Liam rode the train and the carousel for the first time! So fun!
  • Growling & Making sounds with his lips – Liam has always had a talent for growling since he was about 4 months old, but it’s reached an all new level, and now he’s added in some lip strumming. Entertainment for all!


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