Happy Weekend + 5 Links I Love

We had the best time with Grandma and Gigi this past week! Now that we have a little one it’s getting harder and harder to say goodbye when it’s time for them to go back home. I hope they know how much we appreciated being able to spend time with them! I am so thankful for my family and for the way they love my little boy.

Liam loved getting to play and wrestle with his Grandmas. We made a lot of special memories that we’ll get to share with him through photos and stories someday…like Gigi’s first time in the ocean, going to the beach where mama & dada got married, and going out for Taco Tuesday! Now we just have to get Grandpa and Susu & Poppy out here for a visit!


Last weekend we also celebrated my birthday! We went to breakfast at The Mission and took our little guy to the San Diego Zoo for the first time, and came home with a couple of monkeys! We also did some beer tasting in North Park at the Belching Beaver and out to dinner at Beau Beau in Ocean Beach – one of my favorites! Celebrating this birthday with my hubby and Liam was the best! I love my little family.

IMG_4563 IMG_4561

What are your plans for this weekend and Mother’s Day? I’m tempted to go out for brunch or back to the zoo – we had so much fun!

Now, for some favorite links I came across this week…

“Your First Born Son” (In Honor of Design) – the closer we get to Liam’s 1st birthday the more these thoughts resonate with me…I am so lucky to be his Mama.

This devotional – learning to savor every moment: Savor: Living Abundantly Where You Are, As You Are

I am loving MyPublisher for making photo books – I’m using it to make Liam’s 1st Year album! Use this link to receive 50% off quality hardcover photo books this month! Redeem by 5/15

I’ve been enjoying the new friendships I’ve made as a mom – through our birthing class, at the park, swim lessons – and I completely agree with this: “Our motherhood lives are messy, and I’m not just talking about the kitchen crumbs and applesauce-covered yoga pants. We’re going to see each other at our bests and our worsts, and we’re going to see it quickly. We’re going to see each other’s messy houses and faces without makeup and immediate reactions after toddler tantrums…despite where we land on movie preferences and home decor and career aspirations, we now share a bond that is bigger than anything we could possibly disagree on: we each understand the level of love that motherhood requires.

These Zella Capri Leggings (Nordstrom) I’m planning on buying today. Happy birthday/Mother’s Day to me!

Happy Mother’s Day! Let’s savor each day with our little ones and our time with family this weekend. XO

I’m linking up with April, Darci, Christina, and Natasha for this five on Friday! I hope you have a great weekend!


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