Grand Cayman Adventures

We are back from our vacation in Grand Cayman. It was such a relaxing trip, with great food, lots of time spent at the beach, as well as some exploring around the island. One of my favorite stops was Star Fish Point – just south of the popular Rum Point. It was a little off the beaten path, but we found it, and it was amazing (definitely worth the hour trip from where we were staying at 7 mile beach). You just walked out into the clear water and were able to see dozens of starfish resting along the beach.

Star Fish Point, Grand Cayman

star fish point grand cayman

Star Fish Point – Grand Cayman

star fish point grand cayman

Our niece Abby liked the starfish too!

As you may know I also love to shop while on vacation, especially in other countries. We checked out the local farmers market/craft market in Camana Bay, where we picked up some homemade pepper sauce, mango jelly, coconut water, and some super yummy coconut banana bread, but they didn’t have much for crafts. However, we did find an adorable little shop in Georgetown near the South Sound named Pure Art Gallery & Gifts. It was packed full of handmade arts and crafts from around Grand Cayman. We ended up purchasing a seascape print by a local artist to hang in our bedroom.

We also did some snorkeling at Stingray City with Sunrays Tours and on our own at Cemetery Beach. The ocean was so warm & clear I could have spent all day in the water. I held a momma stingray who was pregnant with some stingray babies, and saw lots of beautiful tropical fish and a not so beautiful green moray eel.

Stingray City, Grand Cayman

stingray city grand cayman

Most of the fam at Stingray City – Grand Cayman

Stingray City

Stingray City – Grand Cayman

It was such a great vacation and the perfect time to reflect on how our lives are about to change. Collin and I were talking about how it was our last time flying somewhere on vacation together without another member in our family. Our lives are about to change forever in just a few short weeks, and I couldn’t be more excited!

As a side-note, we started our birthing classes last night at the Best-Start Birth Center, and we really enjoyed it. There were six other couples in the class, and of those that found out what they are having, are all having girls! There were 2 other couples that are also waiting to find out the gender of their babe. We’re all first-time parents, due within a couple of weeks of each other, so I think it will be really fun going through this experience together. I’m already excited about our class next week.

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