Sunbaby 4.0 Cloth Diaper Review

We’ve been cloth diapering for about 8 months now, and have tried a number of different cloth diapers including bumGenius, Charlie Banana, Moraki, Flip, Best Bottom, Kawaii Baby, and Coqui Baby (our current favorite). We have definitely found favorites out of the bunch, and Liam being the big boy that he is has unfortunately grown out of some of these “one-size” cloth diapers already.

By 6 months, our Charlie Banana diapers were no longer a good fit for Liam (he was having blow-outs out of the leg openings and up the back) and I was searching for something that might last him a bit longer. We’ve been using the Sunbaby 4.0 Size 2 diapers with blended inserts (bamboo/microfiber) for about 3 months now and are pretty happy with them. The blended inserts are one of their bestsellers. Bamboo is on the outside drawing the wetness more evenly into the microfiber below it and away from your baby.

sunbaby cloth diaper review

Things we love about Sunbaby 4.0 Cloth Diapers:

  • They are VERY affordable!
  • Cute prints (they just added new ones as of April 2015! I love the chevron and abstract flower prints)
  • Extra PUL strip in front to prevent diaper from wicking onto clothes
  • They are one-size pocket diapers, but come in two sizes. Size 1s are for slimmer babies and the Size 2s are made for chunkier babies
  • Adjustable to fit babies 7-35 pounds

sunbaby 4.0 cloth diaper review

A friend of mine recently contacted me saying she was interested in trying cloth diapers, but didn’t want to invest a lot of money in doing it. I recommended Sunbaby diapers first. Primarily because they offer a lot of the features we love about some of our favorite brands of cloth diapers, without the higher price point. In the end cloth diapering saves a lot of money in comparison to using disposables. However, if you’re not sure about the initial investment or commitment, Sunbaby diapers are affordable enough where you can try it out.

We have 6 Sunbaby 4.0 Size 2 diapers with 12 blended inserts, that retail for $48.00. That’s only $8.00 per diaper. The diapers cost a bit less if you choose the microfiber inserts, or if you buy them in higher quantities (12 diapers with 24 microfiber inserts cost $6.50/diaper).

If you are just starting out with cloth diapering, or want to build up your stash, Sunbaby 4.0 diapers are a great economical option. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase more if we need to replace some of our diapers, or need more diapers when another little one comes along.

Sunbaby diapers do take some time to ship, as they ship directly from the manufacturer in China, but I do hope that you’ll give them a try if you are looking for an affordable option to cloth diapering.

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