Liam Thomas – 10 Months Old

10 months

Happy 10 months to our sweet boy! I fall more in love with him every day! I can’t believe we have already reached our 10 month milestone…my baby is starting to look and act more like a little boy. His favorite thing to do as of late is to walk! He loves walking holding onto our hands or cruising around the furniture. He is always on his feet. He is standing independently for short periods of time, and walking on his own with the help of this walker. He also took his first step in the bathroom on Sunday, 6/14 – he was standing by the wall while I was sitting on the edge of the tub getting his bath ready, and he took a step to me! It’s so fun to see him so excited, and I love the impressed look he gets on his face when he is standing on his own.

10 months update

Our boy is eating EVERYTHING these days. He is still nursing regularly, and wanting to eat every meal with us – he went crazy over my Asian stir-fry the other day. We’ve had to up his food intake quite a bit to keep up with how busy he’s become…he must be burning a lot of calories with all of that activity! His current favorites are blueberries, sweet potatoes, and cheerios.

His favorite books this month are The Very Hungry Caterpillar and anything to do with puppies. He’s recently began an obsession with dogs and gets really excited whenever we see one on our walks. He really loves little dogs, and today we met an adorable King Charles puppy named Laguna. She gave Liam lots of kisses and Liam giggled and hugged her in return. It’s so sweet to see the interaction between animals and babies. I sometimes wish we had a pet for Liam, and I’ve somewhat secretly been thinking about getting him a fish. We took him to the Birch Aquarium a couple of weeks ago, and he really enjoyed looking at all of the fish (and eating a little seaweed from the tidepools).

birch aquarium san diego

At our 9 month check-up Liam was about 30″ and 24lbs 6oz. I feel he is taller than that, or has recently sprouted. He is currently wearing size 18m-2T, and size 5 shoes! Now that he’s on the move we’ve been in the market for shoes that are durable and easy to put on. So far we are loving these little blue Toms Injections and these Stride Rites, however they are a bit big yet, so he’ll need to grow into them.

10 month old baby

He currently has one tooth (yay!) and another on the way in! We’ve lost some sleep, but overall he’s been a pretty happy little guy. The bonus to all the fussiness, is his adorable toothy grin. He loves taking selfies and gives the biggest cheesy smile when you hold the camera up for a picture.

10 month old baby

More things Liam loves this month…

  • Laundry – we have a little top loader that lives in our kitchen and he loves watching the clothes/diapers spin around through the clear lid. He’s always try to stand up next to it and pulls up as high as he can reach until you pick him up so he can see.
  • Sand – Liam has always been a fan of the beach, but we’ve recently been going just to let him crawl around in the sand. He gets so excited and digs his little hands deep down in the sand and picks it up to watch the sand run through his fingers.
  • Skateboarding – He likes to climb on daddy’s skateboard and push it from behind, and sometimes when he’s really lucky daddy will let him sit on it and give him a ride!

Our little guy is so much fun, and he can’t wait to play with his cousins and grandparents next month on family vacation!

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