Saving Money on Cloth Diapers

I’ve been under the weather the past few days, and feel like I can’t focus on much, but I was on Facebook this morning and kept seeing all of these Earth Day Sales on cloth diapers… so I thought I would make myself useful and do a little research.

The hubs and I are choosing to cloth diaper Baby K for a number of reasons, but I know the upfront cost can scare a lot people away from the idea. We have a pretty good start, but need to invest in a few more diapers before our little babe arrives. So in honor of Earth Day, and as a courtesy to those of you who also have some fluff shopping to do, I thought I’d share some of my favorite sale items with you today.

I was turned on to Kelly’s Closet by the hub’s cousin, and they are having some great sales through the weekend. So here are some great ideas on how you can start saving money on cloth diapers.

grovia shellGroVia Shells & Inserts are 20% Off (GroVia Shell $16.95 $13.56 & GroVia Organic Cotton Soaker Pads 2pk $18.95 $15.16)
The great thing about these is you can reuse the shell if your insert is just wet and not soiled. This ends up saving you on the number of shells you’ll need, and the amount of laundry you’ll have to do! Sounds great, right?! With this system I think we could complete our stash with 6 shells, and 12 GroVia soaker pads (around $172), or you could also use prefolds as inserts and save a bit of money that way.

bumGenius 4.0bumGenius 4.0 One-Size are 10% Off with code DIAPERWEEK ($17.97 $16.17 – there are additional discounts available for higher quantity purchases)
We haven’t purchased any bumGenius diapers yet, but I’ve heard so many great things about them. So many people say that the bumGenius 4.0 diapers are their stash favorites. We’ve picked up some diapers that seem pretty similar, but these may be good to add to our wishlist.

Flip Diaper Covers are 10% Off with code DIAPERWEEK (Flip Cover $14.95 $13.46)
Flip is a similar system to GroVia – where the shells and inserts are sold separately. You can use any type of insert, I’ve heard good things about the OsoCozy Prefolds paired with the Flip covers, and they are super affordable. With this system we could probably complete our stash with 6 covers, and 3 pkgs of OsoCozy prefolds (18) to be on the safe side (around $116). Seems like a great economical option!

saving money on cloth diapers

There are obviously tons of other cloth diaper options, I just wanted to share a couple different systems that are on sale right now at Kelly’s Closet. After looking into these options, I’m leaning more towards adding some of the Flip covers and prefolds to our wishlist, and that would give us something different to use than the pocket diapers we’ve already purchased. I really like the fact that you can use the cover for more than one diaper change, and just switch out the insert. It would probably be really convenient for when we’re on the go – we wouldn’t have to try and stuff so many cloth diapers into our diaper bag, just a few extra inserts.

What do you think? What has worked for you, and how are you saving money on cloth diapers?

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