Pregnancy Update – 37 Weeks!

Wow! This last month really flew by!! We were doing a lot of traveling, with trips to Wisconsin for my baby shower, and St. Louis for the 4th of July, a friend’s wedding, as well as a baby shower with the Krawll family & friends! I had SO much fun, but am thankful that was my last flight before baby!


A handmade blanket from Aunt Sheila 🙂

We are now 19 days away from my due date, and baby is doing great and dancing around all the time! We had an ultrasound last week to check if baby is head down, and like the well-mannered baby he/she is, baby is head down and getting ready to meet mommy & daddy. We’ll have another check-up on the 5th.

We’re starting to cross some of those last-minute things off our list:

  • Schedule hospital tour
  • Pack hospital bags
  • Install car seat
  • Buy nursing supplies
  • Prep cloth diapers
  • Clean house
  • Assemble baby gear
  • Clean out closets in baby’s room

What were some of the things you ladies packed in your hospital bag? What did you have on hand once you got home that you found super helpful for postpartum recovery? I’m getting a little nervous about that part.


Yummy Baby Krawll cake blocks from our friend Michelle @ Sweet Thing Events


Making onesies for Baby K!

We celebrated Baby K with friends on Sunday, and had our last birthing class on Tuesday! So we’re officially ready! 😉  Next Tuesday we’re going to an acupressure workshop to hopefully learn some fun techniques to help with labor pain.  We are getting so excited! I can’t believe it is August already!


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