Pregnancy Notes: 28 Weeks

I received a notification the other day that I only have 12 weeks left of my pregnancy! 12 WEEKS?! I can’t believe it! We have so many fun things going on these next couple of months (vacation, weddings, baby showers!), that I think the time is really going to fly by!

My momma was just here visiting from Wisconsin. We had a great visit, went on lots of walks, and got lots of baby-related things done – like rearranging our office/nursery, hanging some adorable little book shelves (actually spice racks from IKEA – an idea I saw on Pinterest!), and of course some shopping! We went to a second-hand baby store called The Baby Exchange, and found some amazing deals on a few onesies/sleepers, a sleep sack I had wanted, a Boppy pillow, and a like-new Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Bouncer for only $15! We felt pretty good after that shopping trip! It is definitely a store I will go back to when our little babe needs some bigger sized clothes, baby gear, etc.

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The hubs and I are getting super excited about our family vacation in Grand Cayman this coming month, and I’ve been having fun coming up with some summer outfits to wear. My mother-in-law gifted me this adorable dress from ASOS for my birthday that I can’t wait to wear by the beach!


Baby Krawll is:

  • The size of an EGGPLANT
  • About 1.5 to 2.2 lb
  • Can open & close his/her eyes, and sense changes to light
  • And is putting on layers of adorable baby rolls

All I want to eat is FRUIT and cereal. I’m craving peaches in a big way!

My sleep has gotten better, at least when I’m waking up in the middle of the night I’m able to fall back asleep pretty easily.

What Iā€™m reading:
I’m just about finished with the book Natural Hospital Birth, and will probably start working on my birth plan in the next week or so. It’s SO exciting to start thinking about the day when our baby will arrive and what it will be like. I’m thinking about making a music mix for while I’m in labor at the hospital, although I know what sounds good or feels helpful may change once I’m actually in labor. Do any of you have tips or things that helped you during/after labor? Games? Music? Balance ball? I’m feeling the need to start getting prepared!

Current gender guesses:
Daddy thinks it’s a girl. Mommy thinks it’s a boy!

Things are still going well with my pregnancy – no gestational diabetes, and feeling pretty great! My next doctor’s appointment is next week. We’ll also be starting birthing classes once we return from our trip! Looking forward to seeing some of you in the next few weeks! xoxo


  1. Auntie Kathy says:

    Wow….I can hardly believe that you have only 12 weeks to go! ~ Thanks for sharing your blog…it’s fun to read. Have a great vacation & smooth rest of your pregnancy. Hugs from LaX.

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