Cloth Diapering Update – 2 Months

I’ve had several people ask me how cloth diapering is going, and I can honestly say that we’re loving it! We started cloth diapering full-time at about 2 weeks. We started out using OsoCozy Prefolds and Thirsties Duo Wrap Covers. I never really got into the different folds for the prefolds and ended up primarily tri-folding them, which worked out fine, we just ended up changing covers more often.

Once we were able to switch to our one-size pocket diapers, I feel that cloth diapering became much easier for us. Collin really loves our pocket diapers, and finds them much easier to put on. We still use prefolds on occasion and like them, but prefer our pocket diapers at this point.

cloth diapering a 7 week old

Liam in the “Homage to Cow” Coqui Baby HERO Diaper at 7 weeks old

Not only do cloth diapers save us money, they are eco-friendly, and his little fluff butt is so adorable!!

What’s in our cloth diaper stash?

*17 Coquí Baby HERO Pocket Diapers <– Our favorite so far!

6 Charlie Banana Pocket Diapers

1 bumGenius 4.0 Pocket Diaper

6 Thirsties Duo Wrap Diaper Covers <– Our favorite covers if you’re using prefolds or flats – they hold everything in!

24 OsoCozy Cotton Prefolds

1 Sustainablebabyish Snapless Multi Fitted Cloth Diaper <– Great for overnight!

2 Best Bottom Cloth Diaper Shells

1 Flip Diaper Cover

For our nighttime routine, I’ve found a couple things that work for Liam. We put him to bed at 7pm and he’ll sleep in the same diaper until around 7am the next morning, sometimes later. The Coqui Baby HERO Diapers work great, if we use both inserts we usually don’t have any leaks. I also use our Sustainablebabyish cloth diaper exclusively for overnight with a Flip cover – we only have one because they are pretty pricey, but it definitely works the best for overnights so far.

If you’re looking to start your cloth diaper stash, I would definitely recommend buying pocket diapers with snaps – I’ve experienced they hold up much better than aplix/velcro closure. Our favorite brand so far at 2 months is Coqui Baby – keep in mind we have a bit of a chunky baby at 15 lbs – these diapers may not be the best for every baby, but they work great for our little man.

I’ll share more about our cloth diapering system in a future post, including how we cloth diaper in an apartment using a portable washing machine. What other questions do you have about cloth diapering?

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